Roots of IOGoods Organic Clothing

With roots from the Rocky Mountains of Montana, the Virgin Islands, and SVG, IOGoods founders have a deep love for the natural environment and MaMa Africa, and are forever inspired by our children. Combined these loves have motivated us to create goods that are eco-conscious and ethical. From farm to factory to finished product, IOGoods is 100% sweatshop and slave-labor-free, and uses the finest quality organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, non-gmo soy, and African made fabrics available. By supporting IOGoods you are supporting a family owned business, and the livelihood of families worldwide. You are also doing your part to ensure the health of the planet for ALL of our children, the most important resource of all ! 

Our fabrics are obtained from facilities that adhere to the Worldwide Accredited Responsible Production guidelines. The fibers and fabrics are also certified by IMO, Control Union, Ecocert, Sustainable Biodegradable Products (SBP), and Global Organic Textile Standard or GOTS.