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038_Hand-Batik Boys Button Down Shirt, Fair-Trade, Made in Ghana



This playful turquoise green and blue collared shirt is hand-batiked and sewn by the women at the Friends of Women Foundation in Takoradi Ghana. Each shirt is signed by the artisans who created it! Vibrant and playful, this shirt stands out from the crowd!


Great gift for for any special occasion!


Available in sizes 2 years, 4 years and 6 years. Also available in four other vibrant and handsome batik patterns: Andinkra Akoben (a symbol of vigilance and wariness), Puma, Elephant, Blue Plaid or Green Water (shown).


Size 2 shown in the pictures, on a (just) 2-year old. Machine washable.


By purchasing this garment, you are supporting women artisans in Africa, their families, and their entire communities!

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