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California Legalizes Hemp Cultivation, but Is Fashion Ready to Embrace the Fiber?
Gov. Jerry Brown recently signed Senate Bill 566. It will allow California farmers to cultivate industrial hemp and to sell it to manufacturers, who will make it into a myriad of products. With this passage of SB 566, it is only a matter of time before the feds give the cultivation of industrial hemp the green light.
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2012′s Biggest Organic-Cotton Users May Not Be Who You Think

Looks like H&M has some catching up to do. The Swedish apparel retailer fell one place short of No. 1 on Textile Exchange’s annual ranking of the world’s top organic-cotton users.

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Federal marijuana decision clears way for Oregon hemp production, advocates say

A historic federal decision not to challenge marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington is also a green light for industrial hemp production in Oregon, advocates say.

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The designers experimenting with textiles in West Africa

In recent years African fabrics, with their hand made and low-impact origin, have been increasingly making their way into designer collections as well as high street shops.

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Comer: Farmers in Kentucky will be able to grow hemp by next year

Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer today said he will send a letter co-signed by Sen. Rand Paul, R-Bowling Green, to the Department of Justice informing the department that Kentucky plans on moving forward with the regulation and cultivation of hemp.